Memoirs of a Sex Industry Survivor

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Thrusday, May 12
Legal break for prostitutes proposed
Illinois legislation would give them right to sue pimps without proving physical force....

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Anne Bissell, author, Memoirs of a Sex Industry Survivor 2004 (Published by Cleopatra International Publications)

Anne Bissell is the author of the Juliet West Series, and the creator of a brand new genre of fiction called FusionFiction She is the founder of Sex Industry Survivors Anonymous, and the co-founder of Sexual Abuse Survivors in Recovery Anonymous. Her mission is to de-glamorize the global, billion dollar sex industry, which she believes is not a victimless crime. Bissell has studied women in the sex industry for nearly two decades. She has worked extensively with women in the criminal justice system with the mission to help them get out of prostitution, or